Monday, 26 July 2010

Viva Italia

We had great plans of day trips to Florence, Sienna and wondering around the shady cobbled streets of Tuscan villages but after a whistle stop tour of Pisa directly after landing in Italy we realised the heat was far too intense to do anything. So happily we fell into the Italian way of life; long siestas, eating fresh food, and swimming in the sea.

It is amazing how good quality basics can account for the most wonderful time.We were staying on an exclusive (but not ostentatious) estate on the Tuscan Coast. The house was filled with antiques and we slept in a four poster bed with quality old linen sheets and lace trimmed pillow cases (the bedroom was probably the size of our entire house), so sleeping was great.

The Estate had a 3 km private beach, and the sea was fantastically warm and great for swimming. I flounced around the beach in my all-in-one-supermarket swimming costume, somewhat like Gloria from Madagascar, alongside bronzed, svelte, glamorous Italians, and I was happy. Until hubby announced that George Clooney has been known to holiday on the estate!

And the food. Well we never found a nice little village market to mooch around, but it didn't matter because the local supermarket sported incredible, fresh food. The children ate inordinate amounts of fruit, we consumed tomatoes (of all shapes and sizes) as if they were going out of fashion and the seafood was delectable.

Why did we come home?


  1. Glad you're back. My husband loves Campari but as yet I've not taken to it.

  2. NEVER have i seen anyone who looks less like gloria from madagascar!!

  3. Ah... 'la dolce vita'.

    Your holiday sounds lovely. I wish Italy (well, everything really) wasn't so far away from Australia. That's just the kind of family holiday we would love to take right now.

  4. sounds idyllic , slight chuckle at the " Gloria" image though