Thursday, 23 September 2010

baking bread

i love it when i discover an exciting local happening, and i was nearly beside myself when i saw a poster for 'fired up' -community baking days at Upper Grange in Stroud.

the poster said, 'from midday onwards bring your own dough to bake in the searing heat of the wood fired oven, all welcome, bakers,spectators and tasters.' now i am a big fan of woodfired cooking so off I trotted with a focaccia (delicious) and a potato bread (a not so super experiment).

The whole experience was  a delight, the garden which the oven is in is beautiful with abundant fruit trees and vegetables (obviously i had to keep my veg plot envy under control!)
Upper grange is part of an educational trust (it is on lovedays mead off folly lane) and they are holding tHe bread baking days on sept 25th and october 30th,
 In addition there will be an apple day on 2nd october which is a lovely family event where everyone young an old can pick and press apples.

anyway back to the bread..........what can i say it was fabulous, katherine had made a sourdough rye loaf which was delicious with a deep nutty flavour, i asked her only half jokingly if she might give a lesson in the mysteries of creating a sourdough starter, so watch this space and hope she agrees!!

so this coming saturday it will be on again, and what am I going to try this time? a fabulous woodfired pizza I think, dribbling with buffalo mozerella and scented with basil.
 If you would like any further information or some contact details send us an email.


  1. This looks amazing!! I'm intending to bake bread this weekend, but my conventional oven will have to do :-)

  2. I keep track of community ovens wherever I can find them (as well as wood-fired brick and cob ovens). For those of us not in the UK, could you provide more specific location information? Thank you.

  3. What a fantastic thing to do I can almost smell the bread hungry now!

    Sarah check out I think you'll like it - a mobile vintage tearoom!

    Julia @ Bay Tree Interiors