Wednesday, 15 September 2010

perfect peaches

I happened to come across a bag of what must have totalled 2kg of these delightful 'donut' peaches in our local greengrocers. They weren't perfect and so were reduced to £1 for the whole bag. Anyway not one to miss a bargain I had to buy them (and then think of what to do with them!!)
so ......peach and raspberry jam (equal quantities of chopped fruit and sugar, the juice of half a lemon boiled hard for about 4minutes then tipped into a sterilized jar).

and peach and strawberry pavlova using a big version of the ottolenghi merengues, we also had peach,parma ham, rocket and mozerella salad twice but both times it was eaten before i could take the photo!!!!!
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  1. I love donut peaches, so hard to find, but taste delicious!

  2. Gosh that sounds good. I love those peaches and I think you got a real bargain there.
    I eat peaches in the bath because they're so messy!

  3. How fantasic! We never get that kind of peach bargin where we live as it is too hot. They are usually expensive and eaten sparingly.

  4. the jam sounds delicious I will try that one out myself :)

  5. Don't talk to me about the Ottolenghi merengues. People who know me for ages will know that I was born in a foreign country but that I should have been brought up in the UK to be near all these wonderful things and people....