Friday, 10 September 2010

visually beautiful

as part of our new website product launch this year, we are trialling some photo printed products, including roller blinds, blackout blinds and bespoke photo wallpaper.
i was heartbroken last year to find my hard drive had died taking with it 10,000 photos not backed up (stupid I know!) they were all pictures of holidays and trips taken during the first 5 years of Miss B's life. Anyway sometimes joy fills your day unexpectedly and this morning i found an unlabeled cd full of photos of a trip to visit great friends in California about 5 years ago. So i have decided to do a little user trial of the blinds and have one myself, which do you think i chose............................??
happy weekend everyone


  1. sorry to hear about losing so many pics , note to self to do back up ... love that last pic

  2. what a loss to lose all those photos, I'd definitely choose that second one, it's gorgeous. x

  3. How very sad to lose the photographs.
    Old black and white prints should be copied also because in time they will disappear.
    I have a photograph of my great grandmother and I've copied it as its slowly going paler and paler.
    Me, I would choose the second photograph for the blind - charming.

  4. Oh no, I must back mine up too. This is the problem with technology, it's ever so easy to assume it will always work! I think the second for sure xox

  5. J & B every time! ;-)

  6. well i chose miss b and her daddy, as it will make me smile when i am doing the washing up!!