Monday, 10 January 2011

happy and sad

Food is like an eternal panacea for me, i think sometimes I was born either in the wrong religion or the wrong country, I should be an Italian mama or a Jewish mother, because when it all goes horribly wrong I cook. the last few months have been a little bit like a sick comedy drama, where some mornings I have hardly dared get out of bed for fear of what horrors will befall the day. we have lost people really dear and had a roller coaster of a cancer diagnosis for my mother in law, just when we thought surely nothing else.... the dog died. The only way I have been able to carry on is to cook. my family and Mr H's  have been stuffed with food..............When his father died I filled his mums freezer with tasty little portions of casseroles, pork ala normande - pork slowly simmered in cider, apples, prunes and creme fraiche. when the cancer diagnosis hit, I started filling everybody with antioxidant filled salads, toasted nuts and bright winter fruits, but mostly I have baked (and baked and baked). there is something so calming about spending  time making food for those and with those you love.. i have baked Mr H'S favourite ameretti morbiddi  - just like the ones we ate with his father in the little cafe bar up the road from the vicarage in Taormina  Sicily. I took solace in Sarah Raven and baked Walnut bread, then spent a day tweaking it with dried figs and more nuts to make it even more delicious. I baked sticky toffee pudding , rich with squidgy dates and dripping with hot toffee sauce another favourite of the people i love most in the world. So you see, thats where i have been, I am sorry I have been away for so long.....but I have got lots to catch up on in hte next few weeks x


  1. I hope this is an better year for you. taking comfort in baking seems like a great healer to me xxx

  2. So sorry that things aren't good with you. Hope life gets better soon xx

  3. The last few years have been full of loss - my father, my friend's baby, an uncle and an aunt, a schoolfriend...unfortunately I can't bake, so I read instead..boy, do my eyes hurt. Wish I could bake, though! Keep strong x

  4. so sorry to hear that life has been crappity crap - same here..
    after a health scare that left me reeling and wanting to hide in a dark place, i too turned to cooking and baking..
    sadly i am not known for my skills in the kitchen but i have improved!
    looking forward to catching up
    t x

  5. Good to see you back
    I am so sorry that you have had and continue to have sad times.
    This time of the year can be difficult at the best of times.
    Thinking of you and hope that things go better.

  6. So sorry to hear about all the bad things that have been happening hugs x

  7. I was so sorry to read your post and hope that your mother-in-law is able to make a full recovery and that the treatment is manageable. Glad to hear you have a method of coping with these troubled times though and my thoughts are with you and your family.

  8. I hope you are feeling a little bit better and all that baking is repairing a little of the damage caused by sad things. Thinking of you all.


  9. Oh Sarah, what a dreadful thing for your family to have to go through. I am so glad that you have found solace in your cooking and have been able to nurture your family with beautiful foods when they most needed it.

    Thank you for your sweet words on my blog, you are so lovely and I really appreciate it.

    Take care lovely you xxx