Sunday, 23 January 2011

weekend reading

beautiful eye candy here, i found this lovely online magazine via 100layercake, a place i always visit when in need of a little inspiration! published by jeanette lunde and she also writes a beautiful blog here .  i am sighing wistfully at this point as i dream of a house that doesn't have piles of 'stuff ' everywhere! (not beautiful stuff - general day to day stuff - like parts of a toy, and piles of filing and the box for a dvd - minus the dvd....and so it goes on... ).

Anyway then, I couldn't stop reading the blog, so you have ended up with a visual treat today because there are so many lovely pictures....aaahh another wistful sigh and some motivation for a clearout!!
enjoy x
 i really love all of the white wood, with little shots of colour and pattern.
 gorgeous calender

 fabulously simple decor for a little girls party

happy weekend


  1. *much wistful sighing.....* kath xx

  2. Lovely photos. I'm off to take a look...

  3. oh that really is a lovely blog - thank you for the tip-off - I love new blog finds. My house definitely has more in common with yours though - if I turn my back for a second any clear surface gets filled!