Thursday, 20 January 2011

interior decorating

Many moons ago, I had the pleasure of working with the amazing interior decorator Nina Campbell. She is a truely inspiring lady, and possibly one of the best interior decorators anywhere. She sells her fabrics through Osborne and Little and uses them all the time in her decorating projects. Anyway over the last few weeks I have had a number of phone calls from customers who need a little help with their decorating choices, now I am no Nina Campbell, but I thought it might be quite fun to start a series of decorator mood boards for any customers who need some inspiration.

So we are going to kick off with some inspiration for a family wanting to redecorate their teenage daughters room. She had chosen the polka dots in denim, but her and her mum wanted something to work with them, and they didn't really want a girly girly pink room. So I suggested a Jack Wills type vibe (very loosley jack wills-ish, not an homage!)
I felt the room needed a nod to girliness without being pink princess, so i have introduced a dash of fuchsia for trims.

Considering I sell wallpaper for a living, i seem to often gravitate towards neutral walls. The great thing about a good neutral base, is that it is a fabulous blank canvas on which to hang accents of colour.
so going back to our teenage girls bedroom, I am suggesting a neutral wallcolour and then use the denim polka dot for a blind, and vintage linen curtaind trimed with a deep border of polka dot, cover the seam with velvet ribbon or ric rac in fuchsia, and stack a pile of cushions on the bed and maybe a couple of big floor cushions in a mix of polka dots, stars, and union jacks.
I am rather partial to a skinny oblong cushion at the moment, and I think they look particularly nice in pairs on a bed, so this young lady could have 2 polka dot ones with her initials , with a pairl of smaller vintage union jacks in front.


  1. What good taste you have Sarah! Make sure you show us when it's all finished!

  2. Oooh! Love it! V. Fab!
    Am now bracing myself to tackle the midden pile which doubles as the kids' bedroom! ...*sigh!* Kath xx.