Thursday, 17 February 2011

the food of love

On Friday nights, just as everyone else is opening the wine and celebrating the beginning of the weekend, I take an overexcited puppy, 3 exhausted children and a grumpy husband to Babara Woodhouse! It was something we agreed to do as a family when we got the puppy. So the children weren't too disappointed when I told them they couldn't go to the School Valentines disco because it clashed with puppy classes. And that, so I thought, was that.

Then we went into school the morning before the disco and one little girl was devastated as she found out that my (snotty-porridge-toothpaste-and-jam-covered-scarecrow-of-a) Boy was not going to be at the Valentines Disco. As the uncontrollable tears rolled down her face I felt like the worst mother ever, despite the fact that my own children remained un-bothered by the whole thing. I promised that Boy would make it up to her on Valentines Day itself.

So we decided to try making some Fortune Cookies filled with messages of love. To then be packaged in Chinese takeaway boxes. I made some for hubby, the girls both decided that boys are a waste of time and ate their quota there and then, and Boy wrapped his up beautifully for the devastated girl at school.

However, being Sunday evening I was rather rushed and we used dessert spoons instead of table spoons when adding certain ingredients.

Whilst I was really chuffed with the overall idea, I'm not so sure that these cookies were the food of love.

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