Wednesday, 16 February 2011


Whilst the weather is trying hard to keep us in a wintry gloom the snowdrops are out. This year even our garden seems to have quite a few tiny bunches hiding in the corners, but I would love to look out over a huge swathe.

Today it didn't rain, in fact the sun was trying to come out so Baby, Puppy and I went off to find someone else's swathe of snowdrops to admire. Thankfully many gardens open to show off their snow drops and we're lucky enough to live near the Rococo Gardens in Painswick which is famed for it's displays. However we went to the National Trusts Newark Park, which is one of my favourite National Trust destinations. It's a manageable sized quirky house with fantastic views and a garden big enough for a really good game of hide and seek, but you couldn't get lost (I would be very happy if some one told me I HAD to live there!) and thousands of snowdrops. We were not disappointed, next there will be bluebells and daffodils and Spring will truly be here. Except I've just read a weather report for snow over half term!

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  1. Just took a peek at that website and it looks lovely. We went to Colesbourne Park outside Cheltenham and the snowdrops were amazing. I still love spying tiny bunches around town though!