Wednesday, 2 February 2011

love letters

I can't believe that February is already upon us. Christmas is well and truly behind us and the next date on the calendar to put our minds to is Valentines! It's not something Hubby and I go in for in a big way, not least because our wedding anniversary is the following week (not that we do much to celebrate that either). However it's not a date you can get away with forgetting altogether and at the very least I try and make a card.

Last year the card wasn't that amazing but it was more about the envelope anyway. I discovered that if you send your valentines cards (stamped and addressed obviously) to the Lover Post Office, Lover, Salisbury they will duly send the card for you, with their own special Lover Valentines post mark. I'm telling you this now as you've still got time to make and send your cards this way.

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