Wednesday, 12 September 2012

have ipad will travel

the purchase of dotty has rather revolutionised life in the hardaker household, we have been nipping off here there and everywhere throughout the holidays. Modern technology has meant that i have been able to stay in touch with jo all the time , and she held the fort through my 3 and a half weeks in france. The one downside of modern technology is you end up with boxes of cables and a bag clanking with iPads, iPods, kindles, laptops and other malarchy! after a big scratch on the ipod in st ives in may i fired up the machine and made some covers for the techy stuff to take to france! not only do they prettify the ugly techy things, they do definitely protect them. i tend to cart all of our electrics around in one of my shoppers so am much happier now that they aren't all clanking in to one and other.

with decorex looming and the prospect of catching up with old collecgues and friends, i am for once going to feel like i have joined the 21st century (rather than a country bumpkin which is my usual feeling!) when i whip out my ipad at decorex complete with the decorex app and rather smart sarah hardaker cover!!

if you are coming to see us at the vh fair have a look for our very popular scrap bags before they sell out and make yourself a cover. check out our step by step how to here feb 12

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