Friday, 14 September 2012

its not always perfect!

sometimes a friend calls you up, and you have a phone conversation which leaves you feeling happy for the rest of the day. whenever my friend helen rings i feel like that!  When she rang this week i came off the phone with my jaw aching from laughing from tales of our hols and their hols, one of helens most memorable sayings is " hmmm holidays, kids, same old crap, different location and only half of your stuff!!!!!!"  who could disagree. anyway she pointed out that my holiday pics make it seem life in the hardaker holiday home is all a bed of roses - i only ever put the good bits on here!
so i thought i would share some of the not so good, and somewhat benny hill moments of life!
the first day of our hols, less than 50miles over the channel dotty had a strop, resulting in this

which was accompanied by  a hushed and hissing granny like shout about " i bet you wished you'd bought a ******** caravan" (apparantly not though as a knackered campervan is much cooler!)

life is never dull whenst travelling with my children, the youngest always manages to create mischief wherever he ends up, and ile de re was no exception - face first complete with bike in one of these salt marsh  ditches - sadly no pic as i was too busy pulling him out.
though mummy is no better, wondering what was bobbing up and down in a very stylish spa jacuzzi - turned out it was the chicken fillet padding of my posh new swimming cossie!!!

see its not all perfect in hardaker and pope land (i tell a lie jos life is always beautiful!)
PS , it will be back to the beautiful life tomorrow!

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