Wednesday, 26 September 2012

time for tea

Like January, September marks a time for new beginnings.  This September is particularly momentous for me as my baby has just started school.  In turn I was hoping that that meant that I would have hours of time to myself to catch up with the things I've not had time to do over the last 9 years.  Some how this isn't yet the case (not helped by the fact she isn't full time at school until after 1/2 term!).

I am getting slowly back on track though. I managed to find the time and head space to read our oven instructions so I can now use the timer - something my life would have benefitted from years ago.  Leaving the house to do the school run, knowing the oven will turn on itself and having the 'supper-ready' beeper going as I get back 2 hours later with children worn out from swimming is great.  I used it the other day to make this delicious Rosemary cake, a fab Nigella recipe, for a new mum's coffee morning at school.

Anyway I've also decided that it's time to re-visit the resolutions I made in January.  Somehow I've failed to be a prolific blogger yet this year, hopefully that's going to change.  I'm hoping and anticipating waves of time for 'me'.  When it comes hopefully I'll have time to write some more posts, and time to sit down, enjoy and (most importantly) finish a hot cup of tea.

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