Thursday, 9 May 2013


its been busy busy busy here, with jo racing around doing 2 jobs - and still managing to come and sort out my muddles on a weekly basis, and me being the woman of a hundred hats for months on end, - i feel like that faulty towers sketch where manuel changes his outfit depending on whether he is the waiter, the doorman, the bell boy etc!!
we have had alot of exciting projects on the go, our pattern books arrived! (and i was like a proud mummy!)

all of our new designs were launched....... and selling!

we have done some really exciting interiors projects, at home via  our website  room service (using my embroidery training - judy barry - i am still doing you proud!!)

and abroad.......

 i was brave and had some professional pics taken by the wonderful paul, at lemon house (who performed photo-surgical no chins miracles!!) so this is me real life!!!

we have had some amazing magazine coverage.. (thank you wonderful team at country homes and interiors and fab stylist lisa brown)

and i have indulged my guilty pinterest addiction - usually at 5am!!!

anyway, we are back, and in fine fettle, so heres to a creative summer!


  1. Welcome back! Gorgeous photos!! Kath x

  2. Ha the little envelope with the bird on is one of my prints, that I made into a storage envelope.
    Thank you for featuring me on your lovely blog xxx
    Hugs Lynn

  3. All your new designs are so lovely! Love the blues :)