Wednesday, 29 May 2013

pin it forward uk

I was really thrilled to be invited to be part of the "pin it forward Uk" campaign which is running throughout may, as part of its UK launch.
For any of you who haven't come across pinterest it is the most marvellous tool for collating all of those visual treats you find whilst meandering through life online and off.

I use it everyday to organise all of my visual inspiration via different boards on pinterest. I do most of my clients moodboards on it, as they can then easily see how i am trying to bring their room together. here is an image from   a board  for a client who wanted a contemporary take on toile 

image originally from poppytalk 

i have also taken to storing all of my recipes on a food board - and a wholefood board for when i am feeling virtuous!

image from alexandracooks 

I thought it would be fun to do a board that was all about an introduction to pinterest, so every image i came across that i wanted to pin in a week, went on my board 'inspired'

- it was an interesting exercise in looking at the types of things i continually pin - which seem to be food, fabric, art and interiors! - not really that surprising.

come and join the fun, pinterest have prepared a special little registration link for you here, where you can join in the fun.
While i am here i would like to take the opportunity to introduce fellow pinner and fashionista Caroline Burke   caroline is a Uk based style expert and pins all manner of fashion loveliness - i wonder if she could give me a gok style makeover?  i don somehow think Caroline would be very inspired by what i wore today - mainly wellies and pyjamas.........


  1. oh how I love pinterest, love the idea of your inspired board x

  2. I'm on Pinterest but have yet to totally get the hang of it - hope to find some time during my extended summer holiday to refine it! Always enjoy reading your blog by the way.

  3. Pinterest is certainly a good medium to express your thoughts and be an inspiration to everyone. Likewise, this will also help you to learn something from others. It will let you discover other things that are related to your interests. There's no turning back once you've explored the world of Pinterest!

    Layla Stabile @ Sacramento Marketing Labs

  4. Being active on Facebook and other social media accounts might lead you into thinking that you have seen, heard, and learned a lot already. But once you get involved with the Pinterest community, you will definitely tell yourself that you haven't yet! Pinterest will never fail you on giving you fresh and awesome ideas. You could always expect to see something new everyday!

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