Saturday, 25 May 2013

the secret of the cinnamon roll

many of you will know - an possibly share my addiction to pinterest. i also have an addiction to cinnamon buns ever since a trip to san francisco let us to the gorgeous little store called molly stones in sausalito.  i am always on the lookout for a cinnamon bun that replicates that molly stones taste. i have tried many but i think i have found it ...........and ahem.....its not a made from scratch (she says slightly red faced!)
 it starts with a pack of jus rol croissant dough - to be found in the chiller cabinet next to pastry!
roll it out flat (dont separate it into triangles) and spread it with butter and sprinkle liberally with soft brown sugar mixed with a teaspoon or 2 of cinnamon.
 roll it up like a sausage and chop into rings.
put a ring in each hole of a mini muffin tin - i am especially fond of  this one with 24 holes

bake them in a hot oven, and take them out of the tin as soon as they are done - or they weld themselves to it! (top tip, don't ice them in the tin or you"ll have to eat them out of the tin with a spoon!)

put them on a plate and dribble with icing made with icing sugar, a teaspoon or 2 of maple syrup and a teaspoon or two of milk and a little pinch of cinnamon.

eat while still warm and enjoy!!!

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