Wednesday, 18 March 2009

crown jewels

I don't know exactly what my latest project is yet, but I was inspired by the rich brocade and sumptuous sequin decorations seen in the Matthew Williamson shop in Bicester recently. Not only are the clothes fabulous but I was thrilled when I noticed behind the counter a single strip of wall paper, adorned with kitsch badges and brooches stuck alongside the flowers and birds on the branches. I got even more carried away when I saw an old velvet cushion with yet more sequins and brooches. Then I was reliably informed that the aforementioned cushion was not for sale. Thank goodness, I was prepared to spend a small fortune on it.

Then, at the weekend, a friend announced she had a box of old jewelry she was taking to the tip and asked if I'd be interested in anything for the dressing up box. Forget the dressing up box, inside I found an exactly what I need, an Aladin's cave of jewelry, the crown jewels. Now all I have to do is find some rotten, sun-bleached velvet curtains and all will become clear.

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  1. what a great gift, you could make something wonderful with these.

    Thank you for you mail.