Thursday, 19 March 2009

mural wallpaper

I was inspired to take a photo (admitedly not a very good one - and I am sure Mr P will have his head in his hands when he views this one!) by the lovely pictures on Lobster and Swan. She was featuring some stunning de Gournay hand painted wallpapers. I love the style of those beautiful chinoiserie wallpapers which you so often see in National Trust houses, however I wanted to create something on a more striking scale. I hand painted the design, and then had it scanned and printed. (it is available for sale here). What do we think about wallpaper? Are we making a return to pattern. Or do we think paint is a safer bet. Tell us how you use wallpaper (if at all) in your home.


  1. all you need is to borrow my new brooch collection!

  2. I love this wallpaper, i'd have it in my bedroom on the one wall ( with the head of the bed against it !! ) It's lovely
    love claire p

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