Saturday, 7 March 2009

the end of a busy week

I have felt like a headless chicken on a hamster wheel all week. I have had a to do list that has grown and grown all week with one job leading to ten others. I thought mr. h was going to explode by thursday evening. There just aren't enough hours in each day to fit in children, designing, sorting PR, doing press packs, website stuff, blogging, and all the normal day to day necessities such as food shopping and cooking, I take my hat off to working mums the world over, I've been neither a good mother nor a good business women this week!! And I owe my friends and family kisses all round for being so amazing.
anyway mr.h and mr.p came up trumps on friday night, mine came home with 2 lovely steaks and a bottle of nice wine and jo's came home with a great bunch of ranunculas, so 10 out of 10 and a gold star for both. They then had to tolerate a great deal of squealing when we discovered that the lovely lobster and swan had added us to her making my day list, we were so excited especially as she authors one of our favourite blogs, thank you, you made our day!!!

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