Thursday, 12 March 2009

purse tutorial

I have always had a fear of making anything with a zip. For some reason I thought it was too complicated and way beyond my abilities. However the lovely Amy Karol banished my fears and made it look so simple. I am glad to say zips no longer freak me out!!!

I thought I would post a nice easy tutorial to begin with. This is a great quick fix project and you feel you have actually achieved something good in a very short space of time!!!
I won't give you exact sizes as you can scale this project up or down to suit whatever size zip you are using.
1. cut out 2 x outside pieces for your purse and 2 x lining pieces (I use calico) and make them the same length as the zip.

2. make a sandwich of 1 x patterned (outside)fabric face up, zip face down and 1 x lining material on top an pin it as shown (pinning this way means you can stitch over your pins without breaking your needle and easily remove them when you're done

3. attach a zipper foot to your machine (don't worry if you don't have one just use the ordinary foot, it will just be a bit trickier) and set the needle to the left side.

4. stitch the sandwich together. backstitch to finish

5. repeat step 2 with the other pieces of fabric.

6. fold flat and press the front and the lining.

7. unzip the zip half way and fold the purse so that the right sides of the patterned pieces are together and the right sides of the lining are together.

8. pin then stitch together leaving an opening in the bottom of the lining for turning out.

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