Monday, 9 May 2011

Any one for Tea?

On our workshops one of Sarah's mantras is "Less is more" and last weekend we went to a wedding that epitomised this. A selection of huge galvanised and earthenware jugs were filled with masses of cow parsley and other wild flowers. Trestle tables were laid out on the street (which later became the dance floor) and bunting was in abundance. For the ceremony itself we sat on the long grass in their slopping garden (surrounded by bottles of prosecco) as the happy couple sat on a couple of old chairs under an apple tree and said their bit. Then we were told to help our selves to tea and scones.

Many of us along the road had been up baking dozens of scones that morning (they have to be served fresh of course) to supply the 170 odd guests. I decided that with my batch of 50 scones some jam was needed, so I took a jar of Bonne Maman and created a personalised label. It was so easy to do and would be easy to produce en masse for a huge wedding tea.


  1. sounds absolutely perfect and the chairs under the apple tree - heaven

  2. Simple shared food and good friends - the perfect recipe for a party ...

  3. Sounded like a perfect wedding and I love the personalised jam label!!