Sunday, 29 May 2011

bunting bonanza

Phew, while Sarah has been busy blogging about bunting I've been busy making bunting. A couple of months ago my mother-in-law turned up with a huge bag of fabric because I had volunteered to make bunting for my brother-in-law's wedding. I had plenty of time and it is fairly simple to make so I wasn't too fazed by the prospect of producing enough bunting to adorn an entire yurt village. I set to cutting out triangles straight away.

However, I've had a right old saga with my sewing machine: it broke so I got it fixed and it promptly broke again, so I bought a new one which arrived broken, so I asked to borrow my mum's but she lent it to me without the foot pedal.... so with one thing and another I have been machineless for about 6 months and my creativity has been completely hindered. And now the wedding is next weekend so I had to borrow a machine for the evening and sew like mad. Hubby ironed the tape in half as I fed it through the machine and attached my triangles until, 50 metres later, we had run out of triangles and tape.

Hopefully next week I will be able to show you pictures of the bunting in situ, but I am afraid that, although it sounds a lot, 50 metres of bunting doesn't go very far.


  1. wow....what a story!!!!! I think you have a sewing machine gremlin!!!
    But.....the bunting is beautiful!!!

  2. I love your bunting. The fabrics are lovely. I've just used lots in my exhibition. you can never have too much!