Monday, 2 May 2011

Give me Merci

The extended Easter Break has come to an end and I am shattered. Not least because we had an exhausting Easter weekend in Paris, with the children. In glorious sunshine we explored the kitsch world of Euro Disney before spending a couple of days in Paris itself. Of course we admired the Eiffel Tower and wandered up and down the streets of Mont Matre but with weary children in tow it was hard to indulge ourselves too much.

However we did manage to visit Merci. A while ago it had a pop up shop in Liberty and ever since I've been desperate to visit. It was set up by the same people that owned Bon Point (one of my aspirational shops - if only I had the money to dress my children so beautifully) so I knew it had to be something that I would admire.

With the children shattered and all of us gasping for water we made a special detour to Boulevard Beaumarchais to see the shop that I have been coveting so. Before looking around we went to their Used Book Cafe. We sat at a low coffee table in a muddle of old comfy chairs under an understated chandelier and next to endless shelves of old french books, and sat envying the young chic couples enjoying their boiled eggs and toast in peace and quiet. While I had an Iced Tea to die for, hubby restored himself (a bit) on a stonkingly good cafe au lait, as our children fought over who had the most ice cubes and decided to see who could slurp their drink the loudest!

Thus partially revitalised I was let loose in the shop (while hubby entertained the children outside by the signature Fiat 500). It was a huge space full of beautiful white linens and cottons and fantastic baskets. I can best describe it as a cross between Baileys and Anthropologie everything seemed to be either natural or 'upcycled', either way it was beautiful. Unfortunately, conscious of the limits of my purse and my children's patience I came away empty handed.

However, if in Paris I would highly recommend scheduling a trip to Merci, allow yourself time to enjoy food and drink and don't take the children.

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