Sunday, 29 May 2011

sustainable sardinery

anyone who watched hugh and jamie et al do their fish fight programme will know that we should all be eating more sustainable fish, indeed we should only be buying sustainable fish. i have not bought tuna since watching the programmes i was so shocked. I come from a fishing family, my maternal grandfather was a trawlerman out of Fleetwood and he was a great believer in sustainability (before it became a buzz word). 
Sardines and mackeral are two perfect examples as they are prolific in our waters. They are also incredibly cheap and tick all of the nutrition boxes. i like them stuffed with a handful of herbs and chargrilled whole, served with a sharp zingy salsa, or a rhubarb or gooseberry compote, zipped up with a star anise, or a big dob of chilli jam.

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  1. brilliant post! We have a newly opened fishmonger locally and I find myself wondering by regularly.