Monday, 6 February 2012

baby shower gift

Well this is a first for me. Tomorrow morning I have been invited to a baby shower. I'm not entirely sure what to expect but decided that it is certainly not something to turn up empty handed at!

I have a superstitious streak that wont allow me to take anything for the baby until it is born (anyway I'm still working on that gift) but as the snow fell on Saturday I decided to use what I could find lying around the house to create a gift for a mother-to-be.

Some scraps of fabric, lavender and lavender oil and a box of salt....and I produced some lavender bath salts for a relaxing soak and a small lavender pillow to help aid sleep. A good night's sleep may be wishful thinking, but hopefully a good bath will be just the thing.

One thing I discovered I didn't have lying around the house is the appropriate foot for my sewing machine - some of our stuff is still in storage from the build, including most of my sewing kit. Obviously the last time I used my machine before the building I was doing embroidery. As a result I had to hand stitch the lavender pillow, using tiny, tiny stitches to stop any lavender flowers escaping, so what should have been a 5 minute project took me ages!


  1. What a gorgeous present! I have a friend who is expecting twins and is not sleeping very well so I will give the lavender pillow a try. I've been wondering how your house project is coming on... Is it finished yet?

  2. A lovely, thoughtful present. Like most mums, after having my little man, I used to dream of soaking in a deep, hot bath, followed by a night of unbroken sleep!