Sunday, 5 February 2012

handmade from scrap bags

Jo and I have been lucky enough to take part in the fabulous vintage handmade textile fairs, and by far  our best selling wares are our scrap bags. We have several customers who make a beeline for our vintage sewing baskets filled with scrap bag packs. I thought it was high time we showed you how easy it is to make something from what is essentially a bag of  bits and bobs and small scraps of fabric.

so here goes in step by step photo instructions a kindle cover! (can be easily adapted for an iPad or phone!
 one of our small scrap bags.

 measure kindle and cut 2 x outside pieces and 2 x inside pieces, approx 3cm longer and wider than the kindle.

 bondaweb the reverse side of some scraps

bond a design on to one of the front pieces. i chose a leaf motif and an old linen button

 stitch some decorative lines on - will also stop the fabric peeling off over time.

do something creative with the other side!

 so here you have front , back and 2 inside pieces.

 sew the front to the front inside across the top edge, and repeat for the reverse side
 press flat.

 sew around the edges starting from the bottom of the inside. leave a gap to turn through.

 turn right side out through the hole, press and machine the hole shut.

 tuck the inside into the outside and press flat.

pop your kindle in!! not quite 5 mins, but about 10-15!