Wednesday, 29 February 2012

feeling green

i don't know whether it is the first shoots of spring or what but i keep being drawn to greens this week.
I just hauled a big pile of samples from my basket after a visit to a client , and thought what a beautiful little random pile of green they were.

 the little stripe in the middle you might not recognise, but it is a sneak peek from my new collection.
i have also had a move around of our paintings, i have always loved this little green still life which mr h bought for me in new york 10years ago, and now it is happily sitting next to my duck (needs a frame) by the uber talented daisy murdoch - one day i will have one of her sublime portraits (before she gets too famous!)

i have been pinning slots of green on pinterest too

and if these beauties from elaine pamphillon don't make you feel springlike i don't know what will!!


  1. Just LOVE Elaine Pamphillon's work - if only I could have one but I can dream !


  2. All so,so lovely! you know me.... cannot resist filling my living room with greenery - both of the furnishings and foliage variety!! Kathx