Tuesday, 28 April 2009

bags and tags

My final task for the bags was to make some handmade luggage labels from linen to tie on to them. They are really easy if a little time consuming to make. just use a basic luggage label as a template and add a seam allowance. In fact I find it easier to draw round a luggage label on the reverse of my fabric leaving at least a 1cm rectangle all around, then put a piece of calico face to face with your patterned fabric and stitch around your luugage label outline leaving the bottom open to turn through. Trim the edges. Turn and press tuckind the bottom in. Topstitch over the bottom (or all the way round if you like. Put in an eyelet at the top and tie to whatever you like with cord or ribbon.

I was commissioned by Jo's husband to do a piece of embroidered textile art for Jo using luggage labels. it was quite a success, and I have been a bit obsessed with them ever since.


  1. You are a machine! I want to subscribe to English Home just to get my hands on one of those gorgeous bags : )