Friday, 24 April 2009

lexi loves

About a year ago I discovered this fantastic shop in Cirencester called Lexi Loves. It's totally up my street, selling lovely girly gifts and wonderful ribbons, trimmings, buttons, fabric, sewing books etc, all temptingly displayed. As soon as I walk in the shop I get excited and last week I actually got the opportunity to go in without children in tow. I was like a kid in a sweetie shop and even got talking to Alexia, the lady who owns the shop. She makes handbags and we were discussing how difficult it can be to get hold of nice trimmings etc in haberdashers, which is why she decided to solve the problem by selling these things herself.

I was really pleased to see that she sells Amy Butler fabrics and managed to walk out of the shop with a few fats that I have in mind to make some quirky little purses from. Just look at the attention to detail, each fat (displayed in a huge glass biscuit jar) is rolled and tied with Originals by Alexia ribbon. Inspiring.


  1. i can strogly recommend this little shop next time you are in Cirencester. I defy anyone to go in and then come out again with out their purse being a whole lot lighter.

  2. I love the pink & brown polka dot . Claire p

  3. Oh my goodness this shop is truly truly gorgeous. It really is a must visit for everyone - child free would be a whole lot more fun as you'll be in the back room for hours!! Thanks Jo. x

  4. Its fantastic - even as a bloke, I love it!

  5. i love the ornate painted frames outside the door! theyre so cool, and i love the bells and buttons in the jars at the back!!!

    go there!!!


  6. i love all the fabrics cause i do sowing and lexi is really kind chatty and helpful i want to find out the opening hours
    i reccomend he shop to anyone