Saturday, 25 April 2009


I saw these today on Martha Stewart Craft of the day. I always have a list on the go, and I think these are a nice way of stopping them drifting around the house - also a bit eco chic! I think you could use the sewing machine to do similar, but don't put too many pages in or you will break the needle. (I know this from experience as i make alot of notebooks for my 5 year old daughter - apparantly a girl can never have enough notebooks!!)

Talking of eco chic have a look at a lovely blog called orange and pear. We met Jennifer on a blog e-course we are doing and thought her blog was very stylish and had a lot of tips for being green and chic at the same time!!

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  1. Hi Sarah and Jo! Thanks for the plug!! I feel sooooo terrible. I had a show last week that was so time consuming and I was frantically putting together a Mother's Day email and then my husband and I went away to his high school reunion- just got back today so I have been fully out of Holly's class until tonight so I apologize "being so late to the party." I going to spend some quality time checking everyone out tonight. What I fun assign