Tuesday, 21 April 2009

lavenders blue

My hands smell amazing! I've spent the morning sorting out dried lavender that I plan to use for confetti at my sister's wedding. More on that to follow, but for the time being I've used a small handful to add to my homemade exfoliating oil! Now that the sun is shinning I'm feeling the pressure to expose the legs in order to bronze them for aforementioned wedding. Not great for the local residents to see my peely wolly legs as I stride to school, but at least with a bit of TLC they may improve by July!

You may be beginning to realise that I like things that are simple to make and this oil is another example. In a jar pour some olive oil, add sea salt and a few drops of lavender oil. I added the dried lavender flowers to make it look more interesting. Use in the shower and hey presto....


  1. How long do you need to dry the lavender for before you can use it? Love the tips, by the way...

  2. wannabe creative22 April 2009 at 12:09

    Love your blog - it's addictively full of inspiring ideas...Sarah's are just beautiful , to crave for, Jo's are more achievable .. together it's perfect. From a wannabe creative ( beyond making dinner that is ).

  3. I used lavender I had hanging around the house from last year, but it only takes a month or so to dry, particularly if you hang it upside down in a dark place