Thursday, 9 July 2009


On the Wiltshire/Dorset border in the most amazing setting, down a country track, in a courtyard with bantams and chickens roaming wild you will find Clementine. It is a fantastic shop selling something for everyone - a one-stop-shop for all your gifting needs!

The actual shop is based in barns around a courtyard near Tisbury and if you are nearby it well worth a visit. For those further afield the good news is that Clementine has also just launched a website and her goodies are now available over the internet.

Sarah and I are always interested in seeing what makes creative, like-minded people tick so we thought we'd start asking people to give us a little insight into their world and Clem has agreed to be the first. Enjoy.

'I run a shop called Clementine at Compton Marbling. The shop got its name from my name, Clementine, and my mothers company, Compton Marbling which is based where my shop is! My shop is an eclectic mix of gifts and useful and pretty things for the home. I started the shop in December 2006 and it has been growing ever since. I have just launched a website – which gives a small taster of what I sell in the shop. I will be updating it every 4 – 6 weeks with new pictures.'

My favourite book .... has to be gone with the wind.

In my spare time I .... like to be with my husband, Mitch and baby Joshua.

The greatest inspiration in my life.... is my mother, Solveig Stone. She has run Compton Marbling for over 30 years as well as being a wonderful mother of 4 children and a granny to 7 grandchildren.

My house is ... small but perfectly formed! In the most amazing setting.

The best place to go on holiday is.... to Wales. My family have a small cottage in Pembrokeshire, with no phone or television, perfect for relaxation! It’s a very special place.

The food I most enjoy.... are percy pigs! Can this be counted as food?!

My favourite piece of art.... has to be by my friend Chloe Cardozo. It’s a wonderful painting of a pond and washing line. It hangs above the mantle piece. It gives me nothing but pleasure to look at.

I like working for myself because ....I can bring Joshua to the shop on the days I work! I also find it very rewarding seeing customers come to the shop and buy products that I have personally chosen.

My best gardening tip ..... would be to get a bulb planter! I think I planted over 100 bulbs last autumn. But happy to say they all came up!

My greatest achievement is.... giving birth at home to my baby Joshua. And of course having my shop!

The blog I most enjoy .... has of course got to be this one! I have to admit that I have only ever read two. My wonderful friend Carly Jay Metcalfe, who is a brilliant writer and this one, which I love!

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  1. How wonderful to find Clementine on your blog..
    I have known of Compton Marbling for many years as they supplied Papyrus stationers who I once worked for in Bath, with their fabulous marbled papers.
    I had the good fortune to discover Clementine's fair last year and then her newly opened shop..
    A charming emporium in a perfect setting...