Friday, 17 July 2009

studio tour

I had to have (an enormous!) tidy this morning! Not my favourite occupation, anyway I thought that while the studio was moderately tidy I would give you a little tour!
these are 2 wallpapers from my new children's range.

the wonders of ikea shelving, you can fit untold amounts amount of junk on these!

a few favourite paintings from artists Kate Loveday and Robert Bottom, along with the trust Bernina!

My noticeboards - when I get a bigger space I would love a wall of noticeboards! I can't bear to part with that first pair of wellies which have been to San Francisco and Italy, and that both children (one girl and one boy!) have worn on their tiny little feet.


  1. Oh bless.... there's just something about little wellington boots... just so hard to be parted from, and so lovely... kath x.
    P.S. What a little sanctuary your lovely studio is! Truly a treasure trove...x

  2. I can't tell you how much I love your wallpaper. It is beautiful. And the wellies are very cute. I can never get rid of my children's boots either.

  3. In fact I love it so much I have had to blog about it. I hope this is ok.

  4. Your studio looks so inspiring - just like the kind of workspace I dream of having! At the moment I have to work from our dining table which is so tiresome at mealtimes!!
    I am loving the look of your new childrens' fabrics - when will they be available?