Wednesday, 1 July 2009

wedding fever

Anyone who reads our blog regularly will be aware my sister's wedding is in 10 days time and excitement is deffinatley mounting in the Pope household . I'm not sure what the children are more excited about, the prospect of being bridesmaids and pageboy or going on an aeroplane.

Anyway apron and pinny month is over and July is going to be wedding month. I've been mentioning confetti in my posts recently and if you have lavender or roses in the garden try drying the flowers. I've added a few sprigs of dried rosemary and pudding rice to lavender and rose petals to make the confetti for my sister. You'll have to wait till I return from Spain to see what I've done next, but you can just put the confetti in nice little baskets, either for the bridesmaids to carry or to place at the exit so people can grab handfuls as they leave the venue. It smells absolutely amazing and you don't have to wait for a wedding to use it, either bowls of pot pourri or lavender bags work just as well. I have to confess to just putting the left overs in a large kilner jar on a shelf just because it looks nice.

The other thing you can do with the lavender is sprinkle it down the aisle before guests/bride arrive. As people walk on it the heady smell is released (I don't know if this also works with the rose petals, but it would look nice). And of course it is all wonderfully biodegradeable!

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  1. A small word of warning - rose petal will stain a white wedding dress - this happened to my sister when a few petal went down her bodice.

    Hydrangeas make perfect confetti as they are lighter.