Tuesday, 14 July 2009


Since there is a bit of wedding fever in the air at the moment (and it was mine and the very lovely Mr H's 12th wedding anniversary on sunday) I thought I would put these photos from Martha Stewart on today. I think the colours are fabulous, orange is a colour I always shy away from but here it looks fab. Carnations are a flower we often turn our noses up at, but used en mass in single colours they look spectacular, and would be a great budget option with stems cut short, packed into tank vases if you are doing your own wedding flowers.
I think I am looking at all this colour because I am wrestling with which shade of pale grey/beige/cream to paint my floors at home - more of that soon.......
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  1. Hi Sara!
    Wonderful fabrics you sent to Sam in Briançon!
    Kindest regards