Tuesday, 6 October 2009

a bit of loveliness

One often meets the nicest people in the most unlikely settings! take last week for instance I did a fair at the East Glos Club in Cheltenhem selling my wares in aid of the Macmillan Nurses charity. I met a lady called Kath who had given up her full time job to follow her heart and be an artist.
She makes the most exquisite little pendants, buttons, brooches and cards and also stunning bowls - which would make fabulous wedding presents.

I am going to place an order for some buttons and make a few more button necklaces for christmas pressies. I also love the cupcake and heart hanging decorations.

Kath is exhibiting at plenty of local (Cheltenham) craft fairs and her work can be found in the M.A.D.E gallery in Cirencester. She also has a very accessible website, here.

Kaths work put me in mind of another ceramacist whose work I love, Jo Heckett. Ever since I was at college I have loved all things typographic, from print blocks to monogram linen, it is a passion that has never waned.

Jo makes lovely magbnets and jewellery in gorgeous candy colours, with imprinted textures and letters, they can be bespoke made to suit your messageThese little stars and animals etc would make a great christening gift.

Jo is based at Cockpit Arts in London, which hosts some amazing open studios......in fact that reather deserves a post of its own.....


  1. We love your blog! You've got so many gorgeous things on here!

  2. thank you for your kind comments, we are so glad you like it!