Sunday, 4 October 2009

ice cream extravaganza

Our little girl celebrated her 4th birthday with an ice cream extravaganza yesterday. We stuck to some good old fashioned party games before sitting the children down to hot dogs (easy) followed by the all important ice cream.

I used plastic champagne flutes (thankfully much smaller than real sundae glasses) which I filled with umbrellas, flags and tissue paper and pipe cleaner for each child to make their own tropical flower* whilst they were waiting for the ice cream to be scooped out.

The birthday cake was a giant pink meringue. Once the candles were blown out it was smashed to pieces and added to the selection of sweets and fruit that were put out for the children to decorate with.

I'm not a huge fan of party bags so I always try and do something slightly different. Boy was given the important job of handing out ice cream tubs filled with ice cream shaped sweets and a bright coloured plastic spoon wrapped up in good old cellophane as everyone left.

*Tropical flowers: are really easy to make and can be used to create fantastic garlands or, as in this case, to quickly entertain the children whilst something boring is going on. Get 2 pieces of tissue paper and cut both into a figure of eight. Place one piece of tissue across the other creating a quatre foil. Stick the pipe cleaner in the middle and twist in the centre. Manipulate pipe cleaners to look like stamen.

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