Thursday, 29 October 2009

lentil potage

Another of our developing family rituals is to watch the Stroud fireworks display that always happens the Monday night of half term (ie 2 weeks before 5 November much to hubby's chagrin!). We don't head to the flashing lights and disco music of the fairground, instead we put on waterproofs and gloves, dig out the torches and climb up the side of the National Trust Common that our garden backs on to.

This year it started to drizzle just as we left home and by the time we had perched our bottoms on the rug (with cowpat underneath) it was driving rain. However with our picnic supper to hand we sat watching the lights of Stroud waiting for the display to start. I always do the same meal of hot dogs (again) and soup, washed down with red wine. This year the soup was lentil potage, a firm family favourite, combining the flavours of lentils, cumin and lemon. By the time the first fire work exploded we were as cosy and content as could be (on a wet October night!).

To make lentil potage:

Soften an onion and some garlic in olive oil and cumin (powder)

add a chopped carrot (or 2), a stick of celery, a few celery leaves and a load of red lentils

pour in some vegetable stock and a bouquet garni and let bubble till lentils are cooked

blitz in magimix and add salt, pepper and juice of a lemon to taste


  1. Just the sort of food you need on a chilly night!


  2. Sounds super yummy, I am a huge soup fan , if you add an orange to lentil soup it can give it a real perfumed fragrance x delicious x