Thursday, 29 October 2009

christmas cake

I know I've mentioned before how I love the opportunities to create family traditions and hopefully wonderful child hood memories for my own children. Something that seems to have become a bit of a ritual for us is an Autumn visit to Granny's to make the Christmas Cake. Half term presented the chance for us to head over, don aprons, make a huge mess and bake cake.

It was a 2 day process (so that the fruit could soak up the alcohol overnight), which meant that the children didn't lose focus on the main job, and hadn't fled the kitchen before the most important part happened... Stirring the stiff cake mixture with a huge wooden spoon, releasing smells of Christmas spices and booze and making a wish. Of course I don't know what the children wished for as that would break the spell, but I'm sure a lot of presents were requested.

Now the cake stays at Granny's where she decorates it. Then, just before the 25 December, she'll come over for tea with the thickly iced cake and it's surprise decor is revealed.

I wonder what it will be this year

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