Thursday, 1 October 2009

ottolenghi tarts

I made these little scrumptious morsels to take to a girls dinner party (mine and jo's nct lot!) they are loosely based on a recipe from the marvellous 'Ottolenghi, the cookbook.' Ottolenghi is an amazing deli in Notting Hill, if you are local to that area,or holidaying in London its definately worth a little gourmet visit.
I am rubbish at making pastry so I made them with Nigellas shortbread recipe, wodged into little mini muffin pans (I did have to press each tart shell down half way through baking with the end of an elderflower cordial bottle as the pastry was puffing up).
the recipe follows....
40g raspberries (i did it with a dob of backberry compote as I didn't have raspberries!
180g good white chocolate
20g butter
100mls double cream
6 teaspoons raspberry jam (or blackberry compote again!)
6 prebaked tart shells (or a dozen mini tartlets - just do whatever recipe you feel comfortable with - i often use ready made sweet shortcrust as I am rubbish at pastry)

crush the raspberries and rub through a seive, set aside.
put the white choc, and butter in a bowl. heat the cream and bring just to the boil, immediately pour it over the choc and butter and stir gently till you have a glossy, smooth ganache.
dob a bit of raspberry jam in your pre baked tartlet case, and pour the mix on top. (if it starts to set warm it in a bain marie)
spoon a tiny dot of raspberry coulis (or jam, compote, etc) in the top of the white choc and swizzle it around with a skewer in a cheffy manner to make a swirl!!
leave to set, then scoff unashamedly without thinking of the fat content!

these are a great dinner party desert totally doable in advance, and I reckon you could make it in an espresso cup with a sharp compote at the bottom, if like me your pastry skills are bad!

p.s. a note on photography - jo and I do not lead a charmed existence for all who think we might, I had to get Jo to stand outside holding a cushion with the tart balanced on it for this photo - much shaking of head from Mr H and muttering of ..." you two are mad". And then I added this much manhandled tart to the tray going to the dinner party......................sorry kate!!!!!


  1. Yum, makes me want to take it off the screen (a la Willy Wonka) and pop it into my mouth!
    By the way, could you give us more details about the Christmas Fair!

  2. They were delicious tarts, despite the manhandling! You should now be able to find out more about the Christmas Fair by clicking on the image.

  3. I'm going to have a go at these next time i have a girlie dinner.

    ps) Marks & spencers do fab ready made tart cases.....not that i use them of course !!!!
    Claire p. x