Saturday, 21 August 2010

paper anniversary

I can't believe it is now over a year since our family travelled en masse to the hills of Aracena, Spain, to celebrate my sister's wedding. As newly weds they have put a lot of effort into gifts for their first anniversary, sticking to the traditional theme of paper.

Firstly my sister bought her hubby this lovely picture made by Terror Dome (who my sister said was very charming and helpful). Each butterfly is cut out of map, and each piece of map is a location relevant to the happy couple: where they live, where they got engaged, where they got married etc.

Secondly she made an A-Z concertina book for him. Each letter of the alphabet is a clue to a place or thing for them to do together.

But since she and her Spainish hubby have just moved to England my sister wants him to get to know the country England as she knows it, so each page is a place or thing relevant to her childhood or something typically English. B is for Bowood and I is for iceskating, both things we did as children.
Obviously some letters are harder to use than others, I love Q for quaffing champagne. I'm sure they'll enjoy doing that

As in most families we all have our roles to play; I'm supposed to be the creative one and my sister the sporty one. Whilst there isn't a chance in hell of her losing her title to me I am slightly concerned about my reputation being stolen.

It's a lovely and romantic way to mark their first year of marriage, I hardly dare tell her that our first wedding anniversary is the only one we've ever celebrated (though we've plans for our 10th!).


  1. I think you've forgotten someone who has been working so hard to do a card balloon for his lovely wife, didn't you?

  2. looking at the comment above who did you forget lol ?
    Definately great ideas - I'm sure he'll love them

  3. ok - so spanish hubby created a hot air balloon out of card (and fruit bag mesh) with a picture of the happy couple in the basket which he hung from the ceiling. His gift to my sister - a hot air balloon ride over Bath.

  4. I´m afraid you are about to loose your title as the creative one;)
    What wonderful and romantic gifts!
    Have a nice Sunday

  5. I love the butterflies. How romantic!

  6. These ideas are really lovely. Do you have any suggestions for a handmade fourth year wedding anniversary present for my husband? Any thoughts would be much appreciated. Thanks!

  7. I adore the butterflies. What a great idea!

  8. These are such gorgeous thoughtful gifts, your sister was very inspired! I hope her husband was equally so! He should treasure these for ever! Gorgeous! x

  9. Creativity must run in the family. What beautiful, thoughtful gifts. I'm ashamed to say we have never given presents, as 6 months after our wedding came our first child (need I say more) Hmmm. I am so inspired to change that for our 6th, next month.

    Thanks for sharing.

  10. apparently 4th wedding anniversary gifts include electrical appliances(???), flowers and fruit, or books - so you could adapt my sister's idea!

  11. Love this ! I found a similar gift but with heart shaped maps of our chosen destinations. I got it on Etsy. Really lovely :