Monday, 30 August 2010

sloe gin

It's a good time of year for hedgerow pickings and whilst out on a family walk this weekend we discovered endless bushes of sloes. Well Hubby and I both enjoy our Gin & Tonics but I've never made my own Sloe Gin, but with such an abundance of the fruit to hand we picked ferociously. Tonight I sat at the kitchen table with a pin, pricking all the sloes and putting them in kilner jars. I used roughly 300 g caster sugar, 400 g sloes and a 70 cl bottle of Gin per mixture. Now the jars are resting in a dark cupboard, I need to turn them every few days until all the sugar has dissolved and then wait. Hopefully it will be perfect just in time for Christmas.


  1. mmmm lovely, I made some a few years ago, the way the gin turned pink was magical x

  2. Ooh I love sloe gin. Must go and pick some myself. Not drinking at the moment due to being pregnant but I'm due in December so a little drop of sloe gin might be just the thing come Christmas. Can I recommend popping the sloes in the freezer for a couple of days rather than pricking them all individually. Does the same job as the pricking and is a lot less time consuming!