Tuesday, 17 August 2010

shiney new

well not shiney new, but lineny new!

i have been tinkering about with some photography ideas for my new fabric and wallaper collection. I am particularly pleased with the toile. Actually I am pleased with all of it and have really struggled honing down the colourways as they are all gorgeous. What colours do you look for in a fabric? are there any that you can never find?


  1. Good raspberries are often hard to find or are too harsh. Also some lime greens turn a strange hue in electric light. Fussy? Me? x

  2. For me ~ a perfect duck egg blue and a creamy white just like those old french linen & hemp sheets. You seem to have captured both of those beautifully so I shall want no more!

    Ali x

  3. Sarah I am always being asked for Terracotta, not a colour I particularly like but there seem to be many people that have purchased sofas in that colour & have a hard time finding curtain fabrics to match. Julia @ Bay Tree