Saturday, 28 August 2010

simple sprat supper

Going to the super market during the Summer holidays is disastrous. Trying to navigate a trolley full of food and 3 young children is not at all fun, and I try to avoid it. But my aversion to shopping, along with the fact that we've hardly been home in the last 4 weeks means our cupboards are about as baron as Old Mother Hubbards.

We do need to eat however, so yesterday I whizzed in to buy a couple of meals to keep us going, anything cheap and easy. Then we spied the fish counter and there, lying in a bed of ice, were hundreds of shiny Sprats.

We ate and enjoyed Sprats as children but I had forgotten all about them. Smaller than sardines, but larger than whitebait, they are great grilled on both sides and then eaten whole. So tonight we ate a simple but delicious supper of Sprats, with lemon mayonnaise, chips and home grown salad. How could you go wrong?