Thursday, 26 August 2010

pastels, paper and holiday finds

We've just returned from a week in Devon. The first couple of days were sunny but then the typically English Summer holiday weather set in. It didn't stop us from rock pooling and taking long, invigorating walks along the beautiful coastal paths but we probably didn't spend quite as much time outside as we would have done if there was constant sunshine.

On our coastal walks the children were encouraged to collect 'exciting bits and bobs' to keep them occupied. Then one morning as the rain beat violently against the window panes and it was decided it really was just TOO VILE to go out the children had a happy morning sticking their 'exciting bits and bobs' into the colourful pages of their sugar paper scrap books and scribbling around with brightly coloured pastels.

I love the satisfying way pastels make marks on paper, and obviously the children did too. I found it fascintating how Boy made big, brash marks in strong, contrasting colours, while our little girl made small, neat circles of colour that matched what she was sticking onto the page (the difference between girls and boy are endless!)

The results aren't quite the holiday memories that Martha Stewart would produce and I'm still hoping to come across some nice old glass bottles in a car boot sale to make my own holiday keepsakes like the 'jars of joy' I saw at the Brunel Broderers exhibition.

Until then scrap books and pastels will have to do.

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