Saturday, 16 October 2010


I was searching for an idea to make for a baby girl, when i came across a picture of something i had made ages ago for Jo's littlest. Jo is a big fan of liberty tana lawn, so this is a great way to use those bits that are too small for clothes. if you want to make an elephant like this, or indeed a family of them would be sweet, then you need to cut a pattern out to the size you want your finished elephant. the pattern should look like a rounded m. Stitch 2 (or more) bits of fabric togetherto make a rectangle, i trapped an ear shape between the seam of the 2 pieces - you could use felt or 2 contrast piece of fabric. with right sides together draw round your pattern pieces and then sew together leaving a gap at the back for turning out. cut around your shape an discard the trimmings then turn it the right way out. press flat and neatly press the seam closed . stuff your elephant - you can use toy stuffing, or dried lentils or lavender. stitch up the gap trapping a folded over piece of ribbon inside the seam for a tail. finally sew a button on for the eye and a crochet flower (optional) for a girly nelly!!
these would be lovely to make from sentimental bits of fabrics - for example your childs old pyjamas or a special old dress.

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