Tuesday, 26 October 2010

pink pasta

My great friend Heather from eggs, cream, honey posted a fabulous recipe for chocolate, beetroot, loaf cake, and it put me in mind about what an underrated vegetable the humble beetroot is. It was sarah ravens garden book that got me back into beetroot, childhood memories of ghastly vinegared stuff staining the plate and the palate had rather put me off. Anyway my kids are very keen on gino de campo's recipe for beetroot potato cakes with smoked salmon (though they like a fried egg on the  top in place of, or as well  of the salmon), and i am very keen on htem roasted with garlic and olive oil, then blitzed with greek yoghurt and feta for a vivid dip. But quite the most exciting thing we've done recently is PINK PASTA!!
Miss B and I made a basic pasta dough - I can't give you quantities just mix 2 eggs and tipo 00  flour till the consistancy is right, it should be firm and elastic, then add some pureed roasted beetroot and knead it in. It is gloriously streakily fuchsia coloured to start with, then softens to a beautiful deep pink. ~(I know the pasta machine ids the least used kitchen gadget - but it does keep children amused for a considerable time as it has all the requisite qualities for an afternnon in the school hols - messy, creative and edible!)
keep pushing it through the pasta machine till it feels right. we turned ours in to taglietelle, which was very popular for a girly tea!


  1. Well can I come over and join you for your girly tea! Looks fab. Can I also just say that it was eating your gorgeous beetroot, feta and greek yoghurt dip that got me out buying them in the first place. I did actually find a recipe for it online and tried to replicate it at home. Not quite the same. Or was that just the wine? Anyway, the pink pasta looks amazing. Hx

  2. Oh my... what a wonderful looking pasta! Love it! Ursula xo

  3. Wow! that pasta is amazing!

    I love beetroot too, however I can only get my husband and kids to eat one pot of borsch a year. Maybe next time I'll try this gorgeous pink pasta:)

    Oh and the beetroot potato cakes sound pretty good too.

  4. Oh my, I've never seen this before but it looks so yummy!!

  5. Wow, I LOVE this pink pasta! It's brilliant! VERY impressed. Such an amazing colour!


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