Sunday, 24 October 2010

magazines and weekend reading

I am having an issue with magazines at the moment, I subscribe to various interiors glossies for work, but lately I have been finding them piling up without even opening them, partly this is due to time constraints - there never seems to be a minute free to sit and look at a magazine, but partly it is a lack of excitement. I am really fed up with seeing the same old same olds in every magazine. It would appear that if you pay for advertising then that also gets you oodles of editorial, whilst the concept irritates me I camn understand it, however it means every magazine is full of the same stuff. I want to see newness and quirkyness, i want to see British designers, and graduates who are just starting out being given some press, but most of all I want to see some variety, I really really don't want to see the same fabrics and wallapers from Sanderson, Designers Guild, Harlequin and Romo in every feature in every magazine. I am aware I am ranting now, but it has resulted in me cancelling my subscriptions! - the exceptions being Country Living because they often champion the smaller companies and use some quirkier suppliers for features, and selvedge because it is always beautiful.

 ANYWAY.... I was thrilled this week when an email plopped into my inbox from a lovely lady called lynda felton, with a link to a new online magazine  called COVET GARDEN. Every page is a joy, its an inspiring interiors read. Lynda kindly has allowed me to reproduce some of their fab photos here.
 You can subscribe (free) online here and each month you will receive an e-issue.

 Now i am happy to lose my subscription to the standard magazines becauser i think what is happening online is far, far more exciting. (while I am waxing lyrical about good online magazines SMALL magazine is another beauty that we have featured here before and also free subscription)


  1. I couldn't agree more , I also find that at the minute the same houses are in shown in different magazines also....... I think hub is pleased I've stopped buying so many .

  2. This is great!I've already subscribed to it. Thanks

  3. Me too! Thanks for sharing :) Sarah

  4. thanks for sharing these links - i agree with you - so bored of seeing the same houses being used with the same dull dull furniture and fabric from all the giant stores...
    there must be so many beautiful homes out there that they could chose!
    hope you are all well - thought of you today when i used a piece of your fabric from my wonderful giveaway win xxx