Thursday, 21 October 2010

hardaker and pope workshops 2

I am on a roll now with the delivery of 50 pristine cardboard folders today, I think i could get seriously carried away with the techniques cards!!
The idea is that for the morning part of our workshops we will spend some time learning a few hand and machine embroidery techniques and then mount them onto some cards which will complement the set of 'how to' cards which everyone will take home with them.  - Obviously Jo and I were totally unable to just photocopy the page out of a book, they had to look appealing too!!!
places are filling up, especially for the heirloom treasures day, so if you want to book a place let us know by email (i say us, but Jo is the boss - because she is an admin wizard!!!!)


  1. The presentation is beautiful Sarah x

  2. Really beautiful Sarah. Oh why are you so far away? I want to come :-(

  3. Those are gorgeous. Are you coming to the Vintage Bazaar next weekend girls? Lizzie x

  4. Such a good idea. These are cards that you would really want to keep! :) Sarah