Wednesday, 30 September 2009

bird creation

The problem is I never get time to blow my own trumpet!

Inspired by an article on birds in an old Selvedege edition I was trying to create a bird box along the lines of Tamar Morgendorff (love the stuff). It was a present for my mum so I was trying to link it to her bedroom by using some scraps of her curtain material to make the little birds.

And whilst on the subject of birds I've been collecting various birdie things recently including this Petra Boase t-shirt (baby wouldn't stay still!)

and this lovely metal bird made in India, it even chirps when you squeeze it


  1. That's so wierd, I just mentioned Tamar Mogendorff in my most recent post - love her stuff! And my partner just knocked up a birdhouse for my handmade birds! I love your brooch - any plans to sell them?

  2. I am hoping to sell them, my productivity is slow at the moment but watch this space!